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We offer a full lineup of handcrafted beers, including our year-round selection as well as many seasonal and specialty brews.

MickDuff's beers are 100% all natural using only the finest ingredients. We do not filter or pasteurize any of our beers to ensure the natural vitamins and great taste of our beer still remains.

For non-beerlovers we have a full wine list and many non-alcoholic options for adults and children including a handcrafted root beer. 

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To Go

MickDuff's offers "to-go" ½-gallon and 32oz growlers of any of our core beers and most of our seasonals (some Pilot brews may be excluded). 


312 N. First Avenue, Sandpoint, Idaho - Click for map


MickDuff's Knot Tree Porter

MickDuff's Tipsy Toehead

MickDuff's Strom Hammer IPA

MickDuff's Wheat Whale

MickDuff's Lake Paddler Pale


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Year Round Beers
Seasonal Beers
Blended Beers
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Beer Prices: 16 oz glass start at $5 and 64oz Pitchers start at $16
Beer Sampler: 5 oz sample of 6 core Beers for $12 or 6 seasonals for $13
Happy Hour Sunday – Thursday 3:00 to 5:30pm $4 select glasses and $12 select pitchers
To Go ½ Gallon Growler Prices: New ½ gallon Glass Growlers start at $19  ½ gallon Growler Refills start at $11
To Go 32 oz Growler Prices: New 32 oz Glass Growlers start at $11  32 oz Growler Refills start at $6.5

Prices include 6% ID State Sales Tax and 1% Sandpoint City Sales Tax 

** Stainless Steel Growlers available but do cost more than Glass Growlers

|| Locals Beer Lineup (our regulars) ||

The Idaho Arm Curl 
Category: Light American Lager
Alcohol By Volume: 4.3%
Hop: Hallertau
International Bittering Units: 10
Aroma: Clean with slight esters.
Flavor: Crisp, clean and very light body.
Notes: This crisp lager is low in bitterness and alcohol which makes it an easy drinker. Great for light beer drinkers.

Tipsy Toe Head Blonde Ale
Category: Light Blonde Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 4.9%
Hops: Hallertau
International Bittering Units: 14 
Aroma: Sweet, malty and clean.
Flavor: Clean, simple with mild body and bitterness.
Notes: This is our lightest ale in our regular lineup. A good beer to start with if you’re not familiar with craft beer or you do not like bitterness. Gold medal at the 2012 NABA.

The Irish Redhead
Category: Irish Red Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 5.4%
Hops: Northern Brewer and Mt. Hood
International Bittering Units: 23
Aroma: Toasty, nutty and sweet caramel.
Flavor: Biscuity, toasted, slight toffee with medium body.
Notes: Well-rounded beer with a hint of toasted malt. It was awarded a gold medal at the 2013 & bronze at 2015 NABA.

Lake Paddler Pale Ale
Category: American Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 5.6%
Hops: Cascade
International Bittering Units: 33
Aroma: Florally and citrusy. 
Flavor: Bitterness with nice mouthfeel and hints of maltyness.
Notes: This beer is dry hopped with cascade hops to give it a floral aroma, and it is mildly hoppy and bitter. This beer was named after Lake Pend Oreille’s lake monster. 

Category: American Imperial India Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 8%
Hop: Columbus, Crystal, Cascade, Simcoe and Citra
International Bittering Units: 90 
Aroma: Tropical, fruity notes of grapefruit.
Flavor: Malty sweet, full body and bitter.
Notes: Craft beer drinkers in North Idaho like their beer hoppy and strong, and we brewed this beer to their liking. 

Knot Tree Porter
Category: Robust Porter
Alcohol By Volume: 5.9%
Hops: Northern Brewer and Cascade
International Bittering Units: 34 
Aroma: Espresso and cocoa. 
Flavor: Dark chocolate and roasted but restrained and balanced.
Notes: This beer uses two chocolate malts to give it a rich complex avors of coffee and dark chocolate. This beer won a bronze medal at the 2011 NABA. 



|| Snowbirds Beer Lineup (our seasonals) ||

Rotating at all times between seasonals, pilot brews, barrel/oak aged and one-offs. Come in and look at our beer menu to learn what is currently on-tap.





|| Our Blended Beer Lineup ||

Huckleberry Blonde Ale
Category: Fruit Beer
Color: Pinkish/red
Note: Tipsy Toehead Blonde Ale mixed with locally made huckleberry puree to give it a berry taste.

Knot Head
Category: Black and Tan (MickDuff’s style)
Color: Dark
Note: ½ Tipsy Toehead Blonde Ale ½ Knot Tree Porter. The two beers don’t stay separated like a traditional black and tan due to the similar densities of each beer.

Stubbed Toe
Category: Tomato Juice Beer
Color: Red
Note: Tipsy Toehead Blonde Ale mixed with tomato juice. A great beer to have in the morning.

Caesar Toe
Category: Clamato (clam and tomato juice) Beer
Color: Red
Note: Tipsy Toehead Blonde Ale mixed with Clamato juice. A great beer to have in the morning.

Snake Bite
Category: Porter and Dark Cider Blend
Color: Very Dark
Note: ½ Knot Tree Porter and Rotating Cider.

Albino Snake Bite
Category: Tipsy and Dark Cider Blend
Color: Medium
Note: ½ Tipsy Toehead Blonde Ale and Rotating Cider.


|| Guest Lineup ||

Rotating Draft Hard Cider
Category: Hard Apple Cider

Rotating Bottle/Can Hard Cider
Category: Hard Ginger Cider

Lakefront New Grist Gluten Free Beer
Category: Gluten Free Beer

Kaliber Non-Alcoholic
Category: Non-Alcoholic Beer










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